#insidedirico – our Customer Support

Who actually answers the questions in the chat? Our customer support solves many of our customers' concerns on a daily basis and assists them in using our software dirico. The department acts as a link between the enquiries and problems of our customers and the other departments within dirico. Which requests are forwarded to the corresponding department? This is coordinated internally by the team in order to find solutions to problems. By identifying the potential for improvement, it also helps to continuously optimise the software.

#insidedirico – our Customer Support

Satisfied Customer, Satisfied Company

A company’s success is only sustainable if the focus is on its customers and their needs. That is why a support team that solves problems quickly is so important. Customer support at dirico is responsible for recording, analysing and classifying incoming enquiries via chat, email and phone.

„We are basically the ear, eye and mouth of dirico – we hear the customers, see the challenges and solve the problems with a smile on our face.“

Sandy Rothbrust, Customer-Support-Manager

Interdepartmental Collaboration

The customer support team, currently consisting of five people, is a central hub in our company and exchanges information on a daily basis with other departments such as product management, development, quality assurance, sales and, of course, customer success, in order to identify and respond to current developments so that customers’ concerns are always dealt with as quickly as possible.

The team acts as a contact for technical questions and is the driving force behind the further development of the existing support processes. The team is also responsible for improving the help centre. These contributions help our customers every day with the application and use of our software dirico.

„We are only a small but an important part of dirico!“

Sandy Rothbrust, Customer-Suppor- Manager

Answering Questions

Experience with consulting service is crucial for the overall impression of the company among customers and their satisfaction with the service and product. Often a FAQ page is not sufficient to answer a customer’s question adequately.

Virginia Bruhn (left) and Ida Engelhardt (right) in our support office in Koblenz.

In this case, customer support is called upon. Although a chatbot can relieve the workload of employees, it cannot replace the ability to solve more complex issues. In addition, customers appreciate the personal contact, which they trust.

Solving Problems

Support does not just answer simple questions about functions but solves concrete problems. If bugs are discovered, the support team forwards them directly to the development team, thus enabling a quick resolution.

Our team answers questions of dirico users in the support chat.

Gathering Feedback and Forwarding it

Through daily customer contact, the support team quickly learns where problems arise when using dirico. They can identify recurring problems, take feedback and forward it. This process ensures a continuous improvement process to optimise the software.

What Does the Support Team Itself Say About Working at dirico?

Interview mit Sandy Rothbrust aus dem dirico-Support

Sandy, why did you decide to work for dirico?

„This somewhat different and personal flair, which I already felt in the first conversations, immediately inspired me. There is an open corporate culture. So many great people work here, some of whom have turned from colleagues into friends. This has exceeded my expectations.“

What makes working at dirico so special?

„We have room for our personal development. Our word carries weight, and we have influence on the development of the company. The best feeling is to make dirico a little bit better every day. I would never have thought that something like this was possible on this scale.“

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