#insidedirico – our Development

Nutcorner, Muffin, Donut and Cheesecake – these are the tasty names of the four scrum teams in our development department. At dirico, we focus on the continuous development and optimisation of our software. So it's not surprising that our development team is the largest department in our company with a total of 18 developers in two countries.

#insidedirico – our Development

Individual Career Paths as Building Blocks for a Successful Software

In 2011, Patrick Schäfer had already been a working student at the agency 247GRAD for two years, from which 247GRAD Labs GmbH and dirico would later develop. After his studies and a few more years of valuable professional experience, our managing director Sascha Böhr was then able to successfully win him back for our development team. He has been working there since October 2019 as Senior Software Developer and team leader of team Muffin.

„I have decided to return to dirico, because the employees and their opinions are being valued. Everyone can bring in ideas and take responsibilities early on.” Patrick Schäfer, Senior Software Developer.

Patrick Schäfer, Senior Software Developer

Florian Bernd is a good example for the fact that not only the development of the software but also that of the employees plays an important role at dirico. His career at dirico also began as a working student. After successfully completing his studies, he took over as head of team Cheesecake.

Florian Bernd, Software Developer bei dirico

Agile Methods

Our development department works with agile methods. A total of four scrum teams develop our software in three-week sprints. The first two weeks are used for development and the third week for testing, deployment and planning the next sprint.

Every third Friday there is a sprint show where all the changes and new features are presented to the whole company before they are made available to all dirico users on Sunday evening.

„From the very beginning of developing dirico, we have paid attention to using future-oriented technologies.“

Thorsten Zeutzheim, Co-Founder & CTO

Depending on the task at hand, our full stack, front end and back end developers have specialised in the use of C#, .NET, React and Angular, in object-oriented code, UML and design patterns, relational databases or the development of the infrastructure in the Azure Cloud.

However, the absolute focus on innovation and development does not block the view on such elementary topics as data protection and data security.

„Our customers’ data is the most valuable asset we manage. And the enterprise segment in particular is concerned with very sensitive data. Our platform runs entirely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, where data is automatically backed up at regular intervals. Texts, images, videos and other data are not located in a single physical location but are redundantly distributed across several data centres. For emergencies there is also an incident plan, which describes exactly who has to take which steps in the – very unlikely – case of a data loss.“

Alexander Kleinen, Head of Development

Two Countries, One Team

Part of our team is based in Oradea, Romania. We had already worked with freelancers there for some time before we decided to start another company and hire the developers on site. Currently, seven people are working in our office in Oradea – and more will follow. Thanks to modern means of communication and a very structured way of working, the cooperation between Germany and Romania works excellently.

In the daily team meetings, everyone is informed about the current status of open tasks. In order not to lose the overall view of the department, a weekly coordination of the team leaders takes place as well. This ensures a cross-team information flow.

“In 2016, I joined dirico as a front end developer. I am one of the people who have been part of the team since day one. Therefore, I was lucky to experience the whole path of the software until today. During this journey I got to know new technologies such as Angular or React and slowly started to work on backend tasks as well. Today we have an office in the centre of Oradea. I had the opportunity to become office manager and to acquire a lot of new knowledge besides programming. The team in Germany is very helpful and I always felt like a full team member. The Christmas parties and the trips to Germany are unforgettable and have helped us to get to know each other better besides work.”

Sàndor Olàh, Software Developer

Interdepartmental Collaboration

There is also a lively exchange with other departments of the company. Above all, there is a regular coordination with the product management team on the newly planned features. There is close contact with the customer success team as well. Whenever technical details are being discussed with customers, a specialist from the development department is usually involved.

Saskia Schrötter, assistant to our CTO Thorsten Zeutzheim, is responsible for the smooth running of interdepartmental collaboration. Within the management team, Thorsten is responsible for the areas of product management, development, quality assurance, in-house IT and support.

In many companies, the development department is isolated from other departments and programs in a quiet little room. Here at dirico, we attach great importance to working together to achieve our goals.

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