#insidedirico – our Financial Accounting

“Anything can always happen here,” says Dirk Rebischke. The professional accountant has one of the most responsible jobs at dirico: As finance manager he takes care of our financial and tax affairs. And he makes sure that our customers pay on time. This has not always been the case.

#insidedirico – our Financial Accounting

Mister Böhr 

When Dirk started working for the company, he initially received a frown: where to find Mr Böhr, he asked his future colleagues – which were just having a little race with the electric scooter – in the corridor, properly dressed in a collar shirt. Mr Böhr? “You mean Sascha,” replied one in short trousers and laughed. 

Shortly afterwards Dirk moved into his first office – the same one where founder Sascha Böhr worked. “I didn’t really like that at all,” says Dirk today. The trained accountant was not at all comfortable working under the constant supervision of the boss. In his previous job, his boss had paid painstaking attention to ensuring that the employee worked at least eight hours. “You want to go home already?” was a saying at the end of the day. 

A Different Understanding of Appreciation and Mindfulness 

This was not the case with the start-up in the TechnologieZentrum Koblenz (TZK). Initially with the agency 247GRAD, and since this year with dirico, the immediate proximity to the boss has turned out to be helpful for Dirk. “I was able to clarify a lot of things directly,” he says. In the meantime, he has also swapped his collar shirt for a hoodie. And he was able to get to know a different understanding of appreciation and mindfulness: “Take care of yourself”, they used to say. “The atmosphere is great,” says Dirk. He appreciates the mixture of politeness and professionalism, and: criticism is not taken personally. 

“Could you just…?” 

This is often the introduction to a special task he is given – with the result that his actual daily planning is thrown overboard. A special financial overview must then be compiled (preferably at once). Dirk then juggles the bare figures from the DATEV accounting system and Excel until, in the best case, they become meaningful business management evaluations including graphics. 

Creativity with Receipts 

Dirk also has to explore validity in cooperation with his colleagues: on the subject of receipts. “Most people don’t even know what a receipt should look like,” he says. If an internet order ends up with a meaningless PayPal reference or a simple charge on the company’s credit card, internal research is necessary. “A certain amount of creativity is required” – in order to make the accounts plausible for the tax office. 

Dirk Rebischke aus dem Finance Team von dirico

The 41-year-old occasionally has to chide his colleagues due to their working time recording. He says that it’s “sometimes a toddler’s playground” when young colleagues are fresh out of university and have not yet learned which rules apply in a company and are necessary for proper salary payment. Punctual transfers are a matter of course for him and the company, and “there’s nothing to discuss.” 

When Invoice Items Remain Open 

This was not always the case: Right at the beginning, the accountant noticed that although every transfer to the company’s accounts was properly recorded – no regulated reminders were provided for the accounts with other companies. This meant that there were outstanding receivables from the previous year at times. “Now it’s working,” says Dirk, and if a customer’s invoice is lost, there is now a clear process from the first friendly reminder to the less pleasant report to the debt collection agency. 

Even though controlling and financial management may seem “dust-dry” at first glance, Dirk never gets bored with dirico. He is now supported by Victoria Neher and COO Fatih Temel is also on hand to keep Dirk’s back clear so that everything gets underway on time – until the next “Could you just …?” 

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