#insidedirico – our HR Team

Organisation and planning are essential. Especially when a company is growing very fast. With more than 60 dirico employees by now, personnel management and office organisation are becoming increasingly important. Alina Kochems and Victoria Neher bring order to the internal processes, are contact persons for our team and ensure that new good people are always joining us as enhancement.

#insidedirico – our HR Team

The head of our human resources and office management team is our COO Fatih Temel. Among other things, he is responsible for application procedures, personnel planning, annual and development interviews with employees. Alina Kochems is employed as a Business Analyst in the Operations Department and complements the HR team with her previous experience in recruiting.

The latest addition to the team is Office Manager Victoria Neher. Among other things, Victoria is responsible for many administrative tasks of the department and the company and is also active in HR administration. Thus, applicant and personnel management, the issuing of personnel contracts, change agreements and job references as well as the organisation of team events are her area of responsibility.

Victoria Neher bei einem Meeting im Besprechungsraum von dirico.
Victoria Neher, Office Manager

The Human Resources Management at dirico

The HR department creates important foundations for dirico’s further growth. This is done with the help of clear responsibilities and processes in all departments. Often the effect behind the introduction of new tools, systems, structures and processes is not immediately visible. When around 30 new employees are hired within a year, almost doubling the number of heads, it becomes clear how important the meticulous preparatory work was. It greatly simplifies the future work of all employees and the HR department.

Classic personnel management tasks of our HR department are recruitment, optimisation of the application process, induction and training of new employees, personnel planning, ensuring employee satisfaction through employee surveys, rate-your-manager surveys and the recording of a mood barometer, which records how the employees like the company.

„In the HR department, we are responsible for keeping the best employees in the company and only hiring first-class candidates. We place particular emphasis on our corporate culture and ensure on a daily basis that we always act according to our corporate values – innovation, trust, impact, passion and inclusion. Our company is our outstanding team, because without our team there would be no product. Our team is our most valuable asset.“

Fatih Temel, COO

Fatih Temel had already advised the company for a year before his permanent employment as COO. At the beginning of this activity our team consisted of about 15 employees, today there are more than 60.

Since February 2020 he has been part of the dirico management team as COO. In this trio he is the one who operationalises visions and projects. To a large extent, he is responsible for communication within the management team and ensures that everyone comes together and comes to a common denominator.

„What I particularly enjoy is to see that we are making progress day by day, week by week. By introducing structures and processes in the company with my team, I give the entire company clarity and a clear framework. Nevertheless, in addition to all rules and processes, our agility and openness to change are always our top priority. For this reason, we have also manifested this in our corporate values.”

Fatih Temel, COO

As a recruiter, Alina Kochems finds qualified candidates for available positions and works throughout the recruitment process to meet the requirements of both the employer and the employees. She is responsible for the entire talent acquisition process. Her responsibilities include managing the job offer process, meeting with the manager after the company has opened a new job request, recruiting and sourcing candidates, pre-selecting and presenting qualified candidates to hiring managers. She is the main contact person for all parties throughout the recruitment process and is involved in the induction process to ensure that the new employee is prepared for the start of work.

As Office Manager, Victoria Neher supports the applicant and personnel management, manages the entire office organisation and serves as a contact person for all employees. She has an insight into almost all levels of the company and supports the departments in personnel and organisational matters. Her goal is to understand the problems of the employees as a trustworthy contact person and to find solutions for possible problems.

„I love my work because of the close cooperation with my colleagues. As an Office Manager, many employees come to me with problems and suggestions, which sometimes do not directly belong to my area of responsibility. You have to show motivation and initiative in this situation and try to help the employees as much as possible. Character traits like helpfulness, knowledge of human nature and communication skills are therefore very important.“

Victoria Neher, Office Manager

Victoria highlights that dirico’s intercultural orientation is something very special for her: “We have many employees who are not from Germany and therefore speak little or no German. We also have another office in Romania, dirico Software SRL, which currently employs seven developers. This is why English has been established as the company’s internal language.”

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