#insidedirico – our Management

Two different characters with common goals: Growth, innovation and continuous development. Each of them tirelessly drives their respective areas of the company forward and displays a great deal of passion in the process. One maintains customer contact and optimizes internal processes and the other continues to develop our software - hand in hand. May we introduce: our two founders - Sascha Böhr and Thorsten Zeutzheim.

#insidedirico – our Management

Our Management Team’s Recipe for Success? Their Passion!

Management dirico
CEO Sascha Böhr (left), CTO Thorsten Zeutzheim (right)

Sascha is the face of the company. He is our “visionary”, who founded the company 247GRAD Labs in 2013 as a spin-off of his agency 247GRAD. In 2017, followed the big re-branding and the establishment of dirico as an independent brand. Sascha then withdrew more and more from the operative business of the agency 247GRAD in order to concentrate fully on dirico. As managing director, he is now responsible for the areas of marketing, sales, customer success and consulting.

Here you can read more about the history of dirico and a review of the year 2019.

Thorsten, the chief developer of the house, is also a dirico legend. He makes sure that all the wheels mesh together in the “engine room” (which is what we internally call our development department). The Azure Cloud expert is primarily responsible for the development of our software and thus also for the development, product management, support, quality assurance and in-house IT teams.

This is what drives the founders

What is particularly important to both of them in the management is that the employees enjoy working at dirico, can identify themselves with their job and the company and that everyone pulls together.

„I think what drives us all is our shared vision – and the vision comes from the challenges of our customers. We want to make the daily work of companies easier and better through our software – and that’s what drives us.“

Sascha Böhr, CEO

Above all, value is placed on open communication and the team spirit of the entire team. Regular meetings, in which the entire team is informed about cross-departmental topics, are an integral part of dirico.

There is also a major team event every six months to strengthen the team spirit. Of course, our colleagues from Romania (where we have established a second location with several software developers in 2019) are also invited.

Thorsten Zeutzheim, CTO von dirico

„My motivation is especially the team and the drive to always look for the best, deliver great results and really work together as a team. That motivates myself to come to work every day and do my best!“

Thorsten Zeutzheim, CTO

In addition to the virtual meetings that take place daily between our locations in Koblenz and Oradea, Romania, these joint events strengthen the feeling of togetherness – even if our offices are more than 1,000 km apart.

  • Thorsten Zeutzheim, CTO und Co-Founder von dirico

Sounds like a great employer, doesn’t it? We are continuously growing, which is why our job page is usually filled with exciting job offers. Just take a look and submit an application directly online!

And if you want to learn more about the history of 247GRAD and dirico, you should listen to the Koblenz podcast “Rund ums Eck”. In the first episode, Sascha Böhr talks to Alexandra Klöckner about entrepreneurship, the Koblenz location, corporate culture and the vision for the two companies.

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