#insidedirico – our Marketing

There are many definitions of marketing on the internet and for everyone it means something different. Marketing and sales are often equated with each other. But one thing is certain: no company can scale without marketing. No matter how good a product or service may be. If you are not noticed by potential customers, you will never reach your ambitious growth goals. Making the dirico brand and product known, attracting positive attention, positioning ourselves as a competent partner – these are therefore some of the most important tasks of our marketing team. In this article we will tell you how we proceed in this respect.

#insidedirico – our Marketing

To achieve our growth goals, our brand must become better known – among potential customers, partners and employees. And in order for our sales team to convince companies to use dirico, we first have to use high-quality content in marketing to reach exactly those people who match our ideal customer profile. In other words: generating promising leads is one of the marketing team’s main tasks.

The Mouthpiece of dirico

Generally speaking, our marketing team is responsible for dirico’s entire external communication. Everything that represents our company, our brand and our product in words and images has crossed the desks – or screens – of our marketers at least once. A strict separation of marketing and corporate communications or public relations is not possible due to the still quite manageable team size. And that is actually an advantage. Problems with departmental silos and discrepancies between marketing and communications do not exist here.

Branding Through Content Marketing

At the same time, however, this implies an enormous range of tasks that must be dealt with by the currently five team members: (employer) branding, content and advertising material production, market observation, lead generation, website maintenance and development, product communication, social media and community management, event marketing, press relations, creation of sales presentations, design of merchandising and business equipment – and last but not least, writing blog articles like this one.

Through a professional brand appearance and the production of high-quality content, the marketing team ensures that dirico becomes better known and positions us as opinion leaders in the areas of marketing and corporate communications.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

The marketing team is in constant communication with the other departments.

Lead generation, nurturing and scoring or the optimisation of the sales funnel – the closest cooperation takes place with our sales department. Being head of both departments, our CEO Sascha Böhr forms the link between marketing and sales.

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But there is also a lively exchange with the customer success team. For example, when creating new case studies or designing webinars. The aim is to find the most exciting use cases together and to prepare them in such a way that they also offer added value to other dirico users.

From the product and development team, marketing receives continuous updates on product innovations and all information on new features and integrations. The marketing team prepares this information for communication with existing customers or uses it for new advertising campaigns.

Marketing is also involved in the recruitment of new employees. In cooperation with our HR department, appropriate employer branding measures are being planned and implemented.

May we Introduce? The dirico Marketing Team

In our marketing department, on the one hand, all-rounder skills are required. With a handful of people there can of course be more than just strictly focused specialists. On the other hand, everyone has their own focus and roles within the team. Who are the brains behind our marketing activities?

Denise: Product Communication & Events

Denise Simon is familiar with all topics around product communication. She regularly informs about software updates and shows our customers in YouTube videos, the so-called dirico hacks, which functions and tricks they can use to make their work even more efficient. Whether dmexco, Bits & Pretzels or CMCX – the planning and execution of our trade fair appearances is a particular focus of her work. During the Corona crisis, her motto was “Webinars instead of exhibition hall”.

Philipp: Content & Commas

As Content Marketing Manager Philipp Scherber is mainly responsible for, well, content. He is in charge of editorial planning, writes blog articles, website texts, case studies and social media posts, he plans and produces our magazine Corporate Newsroom and conducts interviews with experts. He also takes care of our social media appearances, community management and public relations. And because he finds every tricky comma error, almost every text that goes out into the world from our marketing team ends up on his desk for editing.

Steffen: Data, Data, Data

Steffen Klöckner is our man for data. He uses his SEO skills to improve our website, finds the right keywords and optimises our blog posts. He draws the right conclusions from various analysis tools and thus ensures data-driven marketing. He is also responsible for maintaining and optimising our lead management and CRM tools.

Shelby: Social Media

When it comes to appearance on social media, working student Shelby Russell plays a decisive role. Creating and publishing social media posts as well as monitoring and social listening are her daily tasks. Shelby is also involved in content creation and writing posts on our blog. For social media, she collects image material from the company, mainly to show on Instagram what goes on behind the scenes at dirico.

Marcus: Text Machine

Marcus Schwarze has been supporting our team for several years in various projects. His journalistic experience (e.g. Rhein-Zeitung, Hannoversche Allgemeine, Berliner Morgenpost) was and is extremely valuable for our Corporate Newsroom magazine. Here he has been on board since the first issue. The cooperation intensified in 2020 – for example in the development of PR strategies and measures.

Design, Layouts & Graphics

Until September 2020 a graphic designer was an integral part of our marketing team. She was responsible for our corporate design and everything visual. She designed printed advertising material in the form of brochures or flyers as well as digital communication media for our website, blog and social media. The design and layout of our Corporate Newsroom magazine also bore her signature.

After she recently left our team, our “neighbours” from the agency 247GRAD gave us excellent support. Among other things, Yen Linh Bui created the design and layout for the fourth issue of our magazine Corporate Newsroom. And Stefan Bühler – actually a UX designer in our product management – also jumped in from within our own ranks.

For us, this was another proof for the outstanding team spirit at dirico!

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