#insidedirico – our new website, our new logo

New website, new logo, new claim – we have completely rebuilt dirico. Over the course of several months, numerous teams have worked on our new design, a brand style guide, product and image videos and a presentation of dirico’s functions. The following are the key elements of our rebranding.

#insidedirico – our new website, our new logo

The Structure

End the chaos! That is what has been standing on our new home page since November 2020, which was another reason for the operation “Rebranding”. Since 2017, dirico’s website has been extended a couple of times, which got rather confusing over time. “Even the logo was a rather pragmatic solution in the beginning, since we wanted to be on the market fast at that time,” states founder and CEO Sascha Böhr. Now almost everything is new: the website, the logo, the claim and representation.

dirico logo

The Brand

The word-image-brand dirico.io turned into dirico, and the separately designed d at the beginning represents a small clef, according to a conductor who sets the rhythm. dirico stems from the German word “dirigieren” (to conduct) and the word “content”. With dirico, everyone becomes a conductor who magically determines the stakes and timing of their content. Because in orchestrated communication, everything has to be perfect: the topic, the story, the channel, the editing and the tonality.

Das alte Logo von dirico.io
Unser früheres Logo. Die Adresse dirico.io bleibt, doch bei der Marke verzichten wir künftig auf das .io am Ende. Die neue Farbe ist kräftiger und die geänderte Schrift (jetzt ist es die Manrope) klarer.

A new claim makes it clear what dirico is all about: “Transform your Content Collaboration.” Transforming your collaboration in the production of topics and content, that’s the goal of dirico. The platform helps companies to better plan, create, publish and analyse their entire corporate communication – transparently under a uniform user interface.

The claim used to be “editorial planning, just better.” In the meantime, however, the functional range of the dirico platform has been greatly expanded. In addition to planning, the complete content collaboration is now possible – and dirico is now the “operating system” of many large marketing and communication teams.

The Aspiration

The new website underpins dirico’s claim to leave behind its beginnings as a start-up. “It’s time to grow up and to show this in our public image,” says Sascha. dirico now has more than 150 customers, including some heavyweights from the DAX.

Die alte Website von dirico.io
This is what our website and logo used to look like.

The Employees

Another new feature is a detailed presentation of dirico as a company: the more than 60 employees are now presented personally in a separate section. “The personal plays a major role, especially in the digital world,” says Sascha. This is not entirely without risk, because it also attracts headhunters who could poach experts from dirico. “But we want to give the brand a face,” emphasizes the CEO.

New image video: What dirico and our by now 60 employees stand for.

The Programming

The website was programmed by Sascha’s second company 247GRAD. Jan Kiesewalter was mainly responsible for the structure: “It was important to put a lot of energy into the concept phase,” explains the 25-year-old. Thus, a total of eight target groups were initially identified for the website. “A decision-maker wants to know completely different things than a community manager,” says Jan. So the decision-maker is more interested in what the use of dirico brings them, while for a community manager certain functions are more important. Appropriate landing pages now serve the various target groups.

The Design

For the design, dirico drew on its own concepts and on an external graphic designer, Dustin Streeck. Together with dirico’s marketing team and product development, the new logo and design elements were developed. They defined a new colour world consisting of a reputable-looking dark blue, plenty of white space to embody free design possibilities and carefully applied colour elements.

The new colour world of dirico.

This is complemented by a unique language of form that translates the virtual events into more easily understandable images. When several employees are working on individual tasks of communication measures, dirico as a platform for all those involved maintains an overview: Which tasks are currently open, which are in progress? Which tasks are waiting for approval? An animated graphic on the home page shows, simplified and abstracted, how this works.

dirico header image
Collaboration in the newsroom: a simplified graphic shows how the cooperation in and with dirico works.

dirico’s content circle consists of four segments that recur again and again and form the core of the collaboration. The tasks range from planning, content creation and distribution to analysis. This is what the content circle illustrates.

And a new product video has been produced as well. It shows in just about two minutes how our software can improve the work of marketing and communication teams

The Project

The rebranding project was not completely incident-free during this phase: the team lost the graphic designer who was enormously important to the project, and two people were needed to replace her. Yen Linh Bui from 247GRAD and Stefan Bühler, who is actually responsible for dirico’s UX design, took over the graphic tasks and developed them further.

“Again, we have learned a lot about project management,” says Philipp Scherber, Content Marketing Manager at dirico. “It has shown that the team works well and that colleagues can step in at short notice in the event of such a setback. It’s a very good feeling when you can rely on the support of the whole team,” says the 33-year-old. Philipp was primarily responsible for the texts for the application areas and end users on the website, while his colleague Denise Simon took care of the product communication. The third member of the marketing team is Steffen Klöckner, who is responsible for search engine optimization, among other things.

The Technology

Tim Schneider and Florian Liesenfeld from 247GRAD took over the realisation: Based on WordPress they developed their own structure of the content. “We built the theme ourselves,” says Florian, referring to the design framework which, with WordPress, could be flexibly purchased from external suppliers. The advantage of having their own theme: the web developers are in control of all design elements. Especially for dirico, special post types were developed – for example for case studies, magazines, e-books and webinars.

“It was important to work in a very structured way from the beginning, to work down the hierarchy of elements consistently,” says Tim. Recurring elements were programmed in so-called sections, adds Florian – these are important so that the same elements such as an offer for contacting are only created once and are used in several places on the website.

The specially designed d in dirico represents a small clef – in the style of a conductor who lets every voice and instrument of the orchestra come into their own.

The Future

Sascha Boehr, CEO von dirico
dirico-founder Sascha Böhr.

For Sascha, the development of the website is far from complete. After positioning the brand in the enterprise segment, he envisions a content hub, a contact point for knowledge transfer regarding agile marketing. “We want to be part of the transformation that is currently taking place in corporate communications and marketing,” explains the 35-year-old. And, according to him, the dirico platform is also far from being finished: “The evolution in marketing is still in its infancy. There is no blueprint. What is needed is flexible software that can provide the approximate framework”. Process manuals such as those that exist in some established companies will not be available at dirico in the near future. dirico is still a little bit of a start-up – but bigger.

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