#insidedirico – Our Product Management

Get to know the "brain of dirico": our product management team.

#insidedirico – Our Product Management

“Build a product that users love.” That’s the motto of our product management department – dirico’s brain: This is where the innovations of our software are created. Of course, they cannot be produced at the push of a button. In order to be able to approach improvements in user experience and the conception of new functions in a structured manner, the six-member team works with agile methods. And with lots of passion and love for the product.

The “Brain of dirico”

The six-member product management team is the linchpin in processing requirements for the functionality of the dirico software. “All sorts of requests come to us. These are, for example, suggestions on how to improve the user experience or very specific requirements of a customer who needs a function that does not yet exist. We structure all these requests and implement them into the product according to clearly defined processes,” explains Product Manager Manuela Stobb.

„The basis of our work is the love for the product and the motivation for simplifying and improving the working life of users with our work.“

Erik Pauli, Head of Product Management

In order not to lose track, the team works according to the agile process model Scrum, which is mainly used in project and product management. After recording product requirements and the subsequent elaboration and conception of functions, the baton is passed on to the development team – our software developers.

There they work according to the agile development method Scrum as well, so that the coded features in the iterative development process are transferred to quality assurance at a very early stage (quality assurance department). Finally, everything ends up back in product management and the team finally checks whether the overall picture is correct.

The Goal: Improving the User Experience

Users should be able to use dirico as intuitively and efficiently as possible. Therefore, the team is constantly working on improving the user experience (UX).

On the one hand, this requires research in the market and industry environment to identify trends. On the other hand, customer feedback is extremely valuable. It constantly impacts the product development. The team always asks itself the following questions:

  • How do the users work?
  • How will they work in the future?
  • How can we support their work even better?
  • Are they satisfied with the delivered functions?
  • How are the functions being used?
  • How can we further improve the user experience?

The Team Does Not Only Improve the Product, but Their Own Skills as Well

Employee development is an important topic, especially in this department. It is the only way to ensure that all employees can make the best possible use of their skills. The consequence is a multitude of further development opportunities and a fixed training budget.

Sometimes the tasks change over time. Manuela came to dirico as a UI/UX designer. Over time, she took on more and more responsibility for her own projects, completed a course to become a Professional Scrum Product Owner, today she works as a Product Manager and passes on her knowledge through internal scrum trainings. Andreas Schäfer worked as a working student at dirico in addition to his master studies. After completing his studies, he joined the team as a full-time Product Manager and is now the first contact person for all customizing issues.

„In my time at dirico, I witnessed the rapid growth from a start-up to a renowned company. I am happy about every new team member, because we are all pulling together and support each other unconditionally.”

Manuela Stobb, Product Manager

The goal of the product management team is clear: it does not want to develop any new functions for their own sake, but only those that provide real added value for the users. This user-centred approach should lead to dirico not being perceived as just one tool among many – or as our Head of Product Management Erik Pauli puts it: “Our goal is to develop the best content collaboration platform on the market.”

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