#insidedirico – our Sales Team

Sales team or problem solver? Employees in marketing and communications departments are faced with the challenge of planning, creating, publishing and evaluating content efficiently. At some point they will inevitably ask themselves: “Which software can best support us in this?” The first stop for people interested in our software is our sales team. It identifies the problems and requirements of potential customers, provides them with information about our platform and determines whether dirico is the right solution. What does it look like behind the scenes of our sales team? We give you an insight!

#insidedirico – our Sales Team

Modern sales, especially in the B2B sector, it is not about the rapid increase of profits and blunt phone calls from acquisition lists. Our sales team focuses on determining the needs of our customers, providing comprehensive advice in the purchase decision process and preparing individual offers. This is the only way to ensure that customers are satisfied in the long term – and remain loyal to our company.

Our sales team is made up of Account Executives Dominik Klenk and Panagiotis “Pano” Rousselis, Sales Development Representatives Walid Osman and Working Student Gian-Luca Muschong.

An insight into our sales team at dirico quickly shows that the team is characterised above all by its multifaceted nature or, as Account Executive Dominik Klenk describes it: “Different personalities make every day special.” In this way, the team complements each other perfectly.

Communication with DAX Companies at Eye Level

Our sales department is given the opportunity to talk to Germany’s largest companies on a daily basis, including DAX-listed corporations and companies from many different industries, about the introduction of dirico. The intensive exchange at eye level with potential customers makes sales in the SaaS and B2B sector particularly challenging – but also particularly exciting.

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What Kinds of Tasks Does our Sales Department at dirico Have?

The tasks of the sales department cover a wide range. On the one hand, customer acquisition and customer advice are among the most important activities. But especially the presentation of the software via screen sharing has a firm place in everyday work. This web demo will give interested parties an understanding of the structure, functions and application of dirico. This is an important step before entering the 14-day test phase. This makes it easier for interested parties to use the software’s functionalities during the test phase.

Dominik Klenk aus dem Sales Team von dirico

“Usually, my working day starts at 08.30 with a hot coffee. Then, I check my emails and structure the day. Listening to music during this time allows me to work freely and creatively. I keep an eye on upcoming appointments, check current projects and make contact with new potential clients. From time to time, I play a round of darts, go for lunch walks along the Moselle and of course the fridge is always filled with beer for after work.“

Dominik Klenk, Account Executive

From the initial contact to the conclusion of the contract, it can take several months, during which the department takes care of the concerns of interested parties, provides comprehensive advice, demonstrates the software in web demos and much more. The absolute highlight after these preparations is undoubtedly the feeling that the whole team gets when the effort culminates in a deal and everyone receives confirmation that they have done their best. This success is of course also being celebrated together within the department.

Optimization of Processes

The sales team ensures healthy company growth through the permanent optimisation of processes. The aim is to transfer this attitude to sales activities and to identify potential for improvement in the customers’ processes. This is made possible through insights into their processes in in-depth discussions.

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Sales Development Representative Walid Osman in a meeting with Marketing, Customer Success und HR.

Every day, Sales also works together with the other teams at dirico across departments and thus integrates itself into the company. The cooperation with the marketing and customer success departments is particularly strong. Among other things, marketing is responsible for lead generation and lead nurturing. It passes on qualified contacts to the sales department, which then conducts a telephone call and a web demo.

The information from the initial discussions with interested parties forms the basis for the work of the customer success team and the structure mapping. Together, the two teams accompany an organisation throughout the entire closing process – i.e. on the way to becoming a dirico customer.

What Dominik particularly appreciates about working at dirico is the relaxed working culture, the young dynamic team and the reliability and openness towards each other. The new challenges also keep him on his feet and provide new opportunities for growth.

„Through constructive feedback we support each other and develop together. Every opinion and every feedback is taken seriously and implemented.“

Dominik Klenk, Account Executive

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