How the Namics digital agency optimized its teamwork and approval processes with clients

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Case Study Digitalagentur Namics
Namics Next Level C

Starting point: countless
e-mails, calls & file versions

The full-service agency Namics implements digitalisation and marketing projects for internationally active companies. In the past, Namics’ social media team mainly used telephone and e-mail to coordinate the content creation process. In addition, a tool was used which, however, did not cover essential collaborative functions. As a result, there were still many feedback loops and numerous e-mails.

The common communication channels in connection with a tool limited in its functions were thus not able to represent the task and workflow management satisfyingly. Therefore, the team agreed: ” We need a solution for more efficient processes“.


Schweiz – 1995




Digital agency

dirico client since

August 2018

Use Case

Optimization of internal & external collaboration

High efficiency collaboration

Since 2018, Namics uses for planning, creating and publishing social media content as well as for coordinating, adjusting and approving it. The team collects ideas directly in dirico, which are then collaboratively developed into new content. Namics involves not only its own employees but also its clients – and thus manages to keep the feedback loop between client and agency lean and efficient.

In our case study, we present how the social media team at Namics works today and how its work is facilitated by functions such as track changes, processing sequences and task assignment.

Success thanks to dirico

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More efficient teamwork

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Less time spent on the creation & release process

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Smooth coordination with customers

Jennifer Bonauer von Namics

„We particularly appreciate the collaborative functions of dirico, which support us in the planning, creation and publication of social media contributions. We can always rely on a competent contact person to whom we have a direct telephone line”.

Jennifer Bonauer
Senior Social Media Manager & Consultant
Namics – A Merkle Company

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