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How SPORT 2000 Distributes Facebook Advertising Budgets to Hundreds of Retailersvia a Central Platform

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You are stronger together 

This is not only true in team sports. The SPORT 2000 retail network also works according to this principle. For marketing, this means: The many specialised retailers and sports stores of varying sizes and orientations do not always have the time, personnel or know-how to design and implement their own advertising campaigns. So that not every retailer has to hire an agency, SPORT 2000’s headquarters in Mainhausen creates numerous advertising campaigns for all product categories  from fitness to soccer to winter sports. 

A well-known principle is used in their campaign management: advertising cost contributions. At SPORT 2000, these have also been shifted to a large extent towards online advertising. In particular, the budgets of the major sports brands, for which the SPORT 2000 partners qualify product ordersare used for social media advertising. In order to be able to distribute these budgets for Facebook ads and sponsored posts to retailers in a targeted manner and to control their use, SPORT 2000 was looking for a technical solution. 


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Central campaign management and advertising budget distribution

Central Campaign Management and Budget Allocation 

SPORT 2000‘s central marketing team uses dirico for the allocation of budgets and the distribution of content. A total of 263 teams use the platform. This central campaign management and budget distribution ensures that retailers can publish high-quality Facebook ads and sponsored posts – even if they don´t have their own creative team or an agency to cover their performance management. This simultaneously increases the visibility of the entire group and the SPORT 2000 brand. 


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Manage campaigns for a multitude of individual Facebook accounts

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Allocate budgets earmarked and efficiently

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Professional performance marketing without on-site specialists

Heiko Lippok, Social Media Marketing Manager bei Sport 2000

dirico provides us with a content collaboration platform that combines the functions of ad campaign management and planning for organic content, which are important to us and our retailers. 

Heiko Lippok
Social Media Marketing Manager
SPORT 2000 GmbH

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