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Corporate Newsroom #6

How companies master the change in marketing & communications

Do you already have a corporate influencer programme? If you want to turn your employees into brand ambassadors, you will find inspiration in our interview with Eugenia Mönning and Dr. Frederike Fritzsche from OTTO.

Our interviews with Ruth Fislage and Verena Koordt as well as Ines Schurin, Markus Gruber and Dr. Birgit Koch on the newsroom implementations at apetito and REWE International provide impulses for your own newsroom set-up.

We asked criminologist Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger: Do we need police patrols in social media?

Check out these and other topics in Corporate Newsroom #6.

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Hot topics of the issue

How do you solve the challenges of implementing a corporate newsroom? How do you integrate corporate influencers into corporate communications and the newsroom? And how should the police act in social media?

Ines Schurin und das Logo der REWE Group

"Truly another level"

Ines Schurin reports on the newsroom launch at REWE International

Corporate Influencer*innen von Otto auf einer Messe

Corporate Influencers

OTTO has restructured its job ambassador programme and, with Dr. Frederike Fritzsche, has appointed its first full-time corporate influencer.

Kriminologe Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger fordert Polizeistreifen für Social Media

Online Police Patrols?

Criminologist Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger calls for more police presence in social media

Further topics

Integrated communication at apetito

An interview with Ruth Fislage and Verena Koordt about the newsroom introduction at catering specialist apetito.

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Artikelvorschau: Integrierte Kommunikation bei apetito

Further topics

From specialist to sparring partner

An overview of the online marketing agency market by Robin Heintze, morefire

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Artikelvorschau: Online-Marketing-Agenturen im Wandel von Robin Heintze

Further topics

CommTech for Corporate Newsrooms

Guest article by Andree Blumhoff, Group Head Media Analysis at pressrelations, about new research approaches and tools for data-driven insights.

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Artikelvorschau: CommTech für Corporate Newsroom von Andree Blumhoff

Further topics

Guide to combating shitstorms

How can companies react to shitstorms? Using a practical example from RTL, Marcus Schwarze describes what to do.

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Artikelvorschau: Leitfaden für Shitstorms

Further topics

What we read

We present new books from the subject areas of marketing and corporate communication.

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Artikelvorschau: Leseempfehlungen aus den Bereichen Marketing und Unternehmenskommunikation

Further topics

What we listen to

Recommended marketing and comms podcasts – these 22 formats are worth tuning into

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Artikelvorschau: hörenswerte Marketing- und Comms-Podcasts


Ruth Fislage von apetito

Ruth Fislage

Head of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, apetito

Verena Koordt,

Verena Koordt

Manager Corporate Communications, apetito

Ines Schurin, Lei

Ines Schurin

Head of Corporate Communications, REWE International

Markus Gruber, Partner bei Pantarhei Advisors

Markus Gruber

Partner, PANTARHEI Advisors

Dr. Birgit Koch,

Dr. Birgit Koch

Senior Consultant, PANTARHEI Advisors

Robin Heintze, Geschäftsführer der Agentur morefire

Robin Heintze

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, morefire

Andree Blumhoff,

Andree Blumhoff

Group Head Media Analysis, pressrelations

Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger,

Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger

Head of the Institute for Cybercriminology, Brandenburg Police College

Eugenia Mönning, Pressesprecherin bei Otto

Eugenia Mönning

Spokeswoman Technology & IT, OTTO

Dr. Frederike Fritzsche, Tech Ambassador und Corporate Influencerin bei Otto

Dr. Frederike Fritzsche

Tech Ambassador, OTTO

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Corporate Newsroom #6

Over 50 pages of articles, guest contributions and interviews on current trend topics in marketing and corporate communications as well as insights into various newsrooms.