Advanced features in dirico

The standard modules included in dirico can easily be extended. For example, make use of the Shared Library, add external users or control entity permissions, e.g. for content, topics etc.

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Shared Library

Use the possibility to create several teams in dirico. This way ideas, content, topics or media can be shared across teams. These measures appear in the Shared Library and can be edited from there or scheduled directly in the editorial calendar. Define workflows for handling shared measures. This allows you to automatically include them in your own calendar and then schedule them.

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Monitoring & Listening

The Monitoring & Listening module can be added optionally. We cooperate with various specialist providers and seamlessly integrate their software solutions. This way we enable you to perfectly combine monitoring and community management. At the same time, you discover new trends and topics at an early stage and can integrate them in your editorial planning.

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Channel Responsibilities

The Channel Responsibilities allow an extended authorisation management in dirico. If required, you can determine that only certain users can publish content on individual channels or reply to incoming messages.

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External Users

External Users do not get full access to dirico and can only be integrated into approval workflows via e-mail. When External Users are involved, they are lead to a specific microsite with the specific editorial content. There they can comment the content and grant or refuse its approval.

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Entity Permissions

Entity Permissions allow you to grant viewing rights to ideas, stories, content, events, topics or media. Sensitive information in particular can be additionally protected in this way. Using this extension of dirico, certain information is only available to selected users.

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Custom Fields

dirico is a flexible platform with many possibilities for individualization. The platform can be specially tailored to your needs, so that input masks can be customized and fields added as required.

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