Analyzing data is essential for controlling, reporting and as a basis for strategic decisions. Therefore, dirico maps the entire content cycle – from planning, creation and distribution to analytics. Analyze the performance of published measures as well as entire topics and topic categories. Gain insight into the engagement generated by your posts and your response time.

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Analyze content performance

Evaluate exactly how many likes, shares, comments, etc. your communication measures have achieved. Also get information about the growth of your community. Evaluate the performance of running or completed campaigns and compare them directly. You can also carry out a topic evaluation. Performance data from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are available for this purpose. By the way, the arrangement of the widgets in the dashboard can be customized to your wishes.

Monitor the mood of your community

Get at-a-glance insight into all received, completed and replied messages and comments. You will also find information about the average response time and the sentiment of incoming messages. This way, you can easily identify which topics were well or poorly received by the community and can adjust your editorial planning accordingly.

Additional functions

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Determine how much content was created

Analyze how much content was created in the past week, month, or another time period. Gain an understanding of which channels you create the most content for and which audiences they target.

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Gain insight into the number of clicks on short links

You can see all of your links shortened in dirico including their creation date, original and shortened URL and the clicks that they generated.

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Evaluate shared measures

Inform yourself about how much content and topics have been shared with your team and how much of this has been incorporated into your own editorial planning. Also gain insight into topic and content reach and performance.

Test dirico

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