The editorial calendar is at the heart of dirico. All topics, stories, events, content and upcoming tasks come together here. For the visualisation of the calendar there are numerous options available: a daily, weekly, monthly and a timeline view.

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Find the perfect calendar view for every occasion

dirico offers the right view for everyone: No matter whether the whole year is to be displayed on a timeline or the calendar view of individual months, weeks or days. You can choose which view fits your current situation most and flexibly switch it to another one as you like.

The timeline view enables precise project planning and organization – even over a longer period of time. Determine the date range or time span flexibly and thus obtain an overview of your quarterly or annual planning. By clicking on the individual measures, you can access the corresponding preview.

Create and plan content in the editorial calendar

New measures can be created directly in the editorial calendar. Simply click on the desired publication date and select whether you want to create a topic, content, event or task. If the publication date of an already scheduled content changes on short notice, you can easily adjust it with drag & drop. It’s just as easy to schedule drafts, shared measures or ideas, which do not yet have a publishing date.

Additional functions

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Numerous filter options for your editorial calendar

Filter by strategic information, due date, status and many other options. Created filters can be saved and set as default for the calendar. You can also provide filters to your colleagues.

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Export the editorial calendar with one click

dirico has an export function for each of the calendar views mentioned above. If you want to print or send your editorial planning, you can simply download it as a PDF or CSV file.

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Gain a cross-team overview

The global calendar goes one step further and shows you current topics of all teams you have access to. This way, users who are part of several teams can keep track of their work at all times without having to constantly switch teams.

Test dirico

Apply for your free trial license now. You can test dirico for 14 days and convince yourself why our content collaboration platform should be used in your company.