Content Strategy

Without strategy, even the best content remains ineffective. Therefore you can store all of the important parameters from your content and communication strategy in dirico’s strategy area. When creating ideas, content and topics you can assign this strategic information. In this way you ensure that your communication strategy is put into practice.

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Illustrate your topic architecture

In order to map your company-wide topic architecture in dirico, you have the option of defining different hierarchy levels: meta-topics, topics and sub-topics. Even complex topic structures can be easily mapped. To clearly define topics, you can store a detailed description and selected tags.

Implement your content strategy

You can add ideas, content, events and topics to the information stored in the superordinate strategy area. There you will find individual strategy tabs, each containing a topic or topic category briefing. The fields available here can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. They can be renamed, sorted and added on request. Thus, the topic briefings and topic categories contain exactly the information that is relevant for you.

Content strategy as a basis for better evaluation

Especially in dirico’s analytics module it pays off if you have provided your content with strategic information. For example, you can retrospectively evaluate how much content you published last month on a specific topic or for a target group. This allows you to continuously optimize your editorial planning.

Additional functions

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Keep your target group in mind

Target groups help you to produce targeted content. Store your target groups and select them during content production. This way, it is always clear who a particular measure should address.

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Pursue specific goals

The goals that you set are an important part of your content strategy. Create these goals in the strategy area so that you can select them during content creation and draw meaningful conclusions for later analysis.

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Define your topics precisely

Creating keywords - so-called tags - helps you to break down your topics even further. In tag groups you can collect related tags and easily add them to your content with one click during content creation.

Test dirico

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