The content module bundles all your communication measures: from press releases to your Facebook and Instagram posts to the Pinterest pin and the regular newsletter. This is where you plan your editorial work and create all content – transparently and in collaboration with your colleagues.

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Strategic information as a basis for your content

Every editorial content is based on your content strategy. Therefore, content can be provided with a wide range of strategic information, for example topic, topic category, event, target group and goal. Adding strategic information not only gives you a perfect overview in the editorial calendar, but also provides meaningful figures in the analytics module.

Insights in dirico: Creation of cross posts

Content creation in preview mode: the WYSIWYG editor

Use the WYSIWYG editor (“What you see is what you get”) to preview how your planned posts will look mobile and on desktops. Here you can create all common content formats for social media in a dynamic preview. You can see how posts will be published for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Other formats such as blog articles, press releases, interviews or self-defined content types can also be created in the WYSIWYG editor.

Refine content and compare variants

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Real-time tracking of changes within content

When content is created in teamwork, the option to transparently track changes is a great advantage. Simply activate the function in the post editor. Now you can see all activities of present colleagues - in real-time.

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Tap the full potential of your content

To get the best out of your content, we have integrated a comment function. It works very simply: mark text, leave a comment, tag colleagues and save. Once you have found the perfect wording, you can delete the comment.

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Compare different versions of your content

Create several variants of a content and put them in direct comparison. Differences can be recognized by the colored highlights at a glance. If an older version is more convincing than the current one, you can restore it with just one click.

Run efficient multichannel publishing

A topic is rarely prepared for a single channel only. Our cross-publishing approach makes it easy to publish content on multiple platforms. The topic- or story-oriented approach allows you to see the related content on all your channels in a single view, and you can edit, publish immediately, or schedule it. When cross-posts are created, both text and images of the original article are duplicated. This means that you only need to adapt the cross-posts to the requirements of the respective platform.

Additional functions

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Manage all content-related tasks

Create tasks in content and thus create a direct reference. From checklists with progress status to deadlines, you have all the information you need to fulfill the tasks in the course of editorial planning.

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Ask for content approvals and determine follow-up actions

Before content is published on the scheduled date, you can request an approval from your supervisors. Determine actions in advance, that will occur when an approval is granted or rejected.

Test dirico

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