Manage all incoming messages, comments and reviews on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business in a central inbox. Numerous functions are available for processing incoming tickets. This saves you a lot of time in community management.

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The Dialog module supports the following platforms.

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A central inbox for your community management

All comments, messages and ratings left on your social media profiles end up directly and collectively in dirico’s dialog module. For a better overview, you can filter according to various criteria and create your own inboxes, e.g. for different networks, topics or processing status.

Define responsibles for community management

Define one or more users who are responsible for dialog approvals. These persons will be included in an automatic approval process with every ticket response and thus have an overview of all conversations. Alternatively, you can have individual tickets approved by selected users.

Reply to messages quickly and efficiently

To ensure the shortest possible response time to incoming tickets, you must process them as efficiently and quickly as possible. For example, mark the tickets with a “like” or simply reply from within dirico.

Additional functions

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Get to know your community even better

Learn more about your followers and people who are interested in your services/ products. Gain a deeper insight of user behavior and interaction by looking at user detail pages. You may also mark the user as an influencer in here.

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Determine the responsibilities for incoming tickets

Assign incoming tickets to the appropriate user. If the expertise of a colleague who does not have access to dirico is needed to answer the question, the ticket can be forwarded to them by e-mail with a note.

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Simplify the ticket processing with bulk options

Process multiple tickets at once and save valuable time. You can select and then process multiple tickets simultaneously. For example, you can identify a group of tickets as completed, like them, or set their sentiment.

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