Idea management

dirico offers you an extensive idea management. Ideas are regarded as the preliminary stage of stories and content. They can be created and edited collaboratively and finally get approved by a responsible person. This makes the Ideas Module the perfect place to gather ideas and develop them into content. And in order to be able to capture ideas “on the go” and not just at work, we offer you two options: the mobile app and the browser extension.

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Provide ideas with tasks

You can create tasks for each idea in dirico. These can be provided with priority, status, responsible user, deadline, checklist, comments and much more. Once you have created a task in an idea, it is linked to it. If you open the task via the Task Management, you will be forwarded directly to it by clicking on the idea title.

Ideen Freigabeprozess

Request approvals for ideas

Not every idea in dirico is implemented. Even excellent ideas sometimes are not further pursued due to lack of time or personnel. To avoid a waste of resources, you can favor ideas and request approvals. All persons involved are informed about the outcome of the approval. Once the idea has been granted, it can be converted into content with just one click.

Create ideas in a team

To encourage the creation of ideas in a team, we provide you with helpful functions, including:

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Comment on individual passages of ideas and put them up for discussion. If needed also tag colleagues to draw attention to the idea.

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Cursor tracking

If you work on the same idea with other users at the same time, you will see their cursor movement. This allows you to follow each other's changes in realtime.

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Track changes

Track changes that other users have made and accept or reject them. In case of a large number of changes make use of the bulk options and accept/reject all.

Test dirico

Apply for your free trial license now. You can test dirico for 14 days and convince yourself why our content collaboration platform should be used in your company.