The Inspiration module provides the perfect inspiration for your content. The integrated news feed reader helps you to identify relevant feeds. Once you have found an interesting article, you can transfer it into an idea or content with just one click.

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Get inspired by external content

How does the Inspiration module work?

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Your first step towards content inspiration

With our Inspiration module, you can choose from a wide range of RSS feeds and subscribe to the feeds relevant to you. If an RSS feed is missing, you can add it manually. As soon as feeds are saved, their contents automatically enter the Inspiration Module.

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How to navigate the Inspiration module

If you are looking for inspiration on a specific topic, use the integrated search function. In here you can search for keywords, and thus limit the amount of displayed content. Furthermore use the filter to define a specific time period or a specific source (RSS feed). Depending on how many feeds you subscribed to, this is extremely helpful.

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From inspiration to idea to content

You can take a closer look at content that has entered the Inspiration module and, if it fits into your content portfolio, convert it into an idea or even content. Both the teaser and the link to the original content are transferred. Using the collaborative functions, you can then edit the content in a team.

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