Topic Planning

This is where holistic topic and editorial planning takes place: Create topic categories as well as associated topics, stories, content, and events. Creating the individual objects in the topic plan takes only a few seconds. Further details can be added to the objects at any time in the side panel.

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Topic Planning

See what’s on track

From time to time, it’s not so easy to keep track of all marketing and communication activities – especially when multiple campaigns and topics are running simultaneously.

To help you get back on track, topic planning visualizes all scheduled topics, stories, content and events. See at a glance the deadline for a particular post and which content still has tasks to be completed.

Choose the time period for which planned activities are displayed flexibly; decide between daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Topic Planning Create 2

Efficient creation included

Are you still at the very beginning of a communication campaign? Our topic planning is the perfect place to get started!

Here you can create new campaigns quickly and easily – from strategically superordinate topic categories to individual posts for Facebook, Instagram & Co. And if you need to reschedule, you can easily adjust dates and durations using drag & drop in the Gantt area of topic planning.

This way, you can keep an eye on your business goals at all times and also see which measures are planned over the course of a campaign.

Topic Planning Sidepanel

Detailed elaboration

All visible elements, regardless of whether they are a topic, social media post or event, can be elaborated directly in the topic planning.

For this purpose, an editing mask opens in the topic planning. Thanks to the side panel, you can keep an eye on the other content of your campaign in parallel to the elaboration of individual elements.

In addition to a WYSIWYG editor that provides a detailed preview of your content on Facebook, for example, you can access collaboration functions such as content and channel approvals, tasks, and versioning here.


Topic Planning Views

Custom views for more focus

Not everyone needs an overview of all current campaigns, including the people responsible, deadlines and target groups to be addressed. The time period displayed, the sorting of individual elements and much more can also vary.

To help you focus on what is most important, personalized views can be created in topic planning.

Save views for all relevant use cases and optionally share them with other dirico users. This way, not only personal views but also meeting-related views (such as the weekly editorial conference) can be mapped and applied with one click.

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