Partnership with Oradea Tech Hub

dirico becomes a partner of Oradea Tech Hub and supports the tech community in the Romanian city with know-how, a mentoring programme and events.

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Partnership with Oradea Tech Hub

247GRAD Labs GmbH from Koblenz, known for its software dirico, becomes a partner of the Oradea Tech Hub. Together with its team of currently seven developers based in the Romanian city, the German software company wants to strengthen the local tech community, expand its network and attract new IT professionals.

Koblenz, 2021-02-03. The German software company 247GRAD Labs, which develops the content collaboration platform dirico, has become a partner of the Oradea Tech Hub. The non-profit organisation is a centre of encounters, dialogue and growth for the creative community in the Oradea region. The Oradea Tech Hub is already supported by other technology and software companies to carry out joint initiatives for the local community

What are the ties between dirico and Romania?

Back in 2016, 247GRAD Labs GmbH called on the services of freelancers from Oradea to develop its software dirico. Oradea is particularly attractive due to its university, which offers a course of study in Computer Science and thus has numerous graduates who fit the company’s requirements profile exactly.

Due to this promising answer to the shortage of skilled workers in their own country and the good experiences in the previous cooperation, 247GRAD Labs decided to found a company in Romania with DIRICO SOFTWARE S.R.L. in 2019 and to build up a long-term team. Meanwhile, seven developers work in the dirico office in Oradea – in daily exchange with the colleagues in Koblenz. Up to 20 more developers are to be hired by the end of the year.

What are dirico’s hopes for the partnership with the Oradea Tech Hub?

The management of 247GRAD Labs would like to actively support the technology location Oradea, make the knowledge of its employees available within the scope of events and workshops and accompany young talents in a mentoring program. Furthermore, an international exchange within the community shall be promoted and a professional exchange with other local companies shall take place.

“The partnership with Oradea Tech Hub is an important step to further expand our presence as a tech employer in Oradea. We look forward to adding value to the local tech community with workshops and presentations,” said Fatih Temel, COO of 247GRAD Labs GmbH (dirico).

Through the partnership, 247GRAD Labs gets the opportunity to present dirico as a brand in the premises of the Oradea Tech Hub – for example during the monthly organized events. In addition, the company, which has more than 60 employees, will gain access to a network of highly qualified professionals and partner organizations of Oradea Tech Hub, visibility on the website and the possibility to organize workshops itself. In addition, open positions will be advertised on Oradea Tech Hub’s online channels to support 247GRAD Labs’ on-site recruiting efforts.

Fatih Temel, COO von dirico

Fatih Temel, COO dirico

Joint project ideas for the future

The dirico project team consists of Talent Acquisition Manager Laura Lütticke and Software Developer Sándor Oláh. They are in regular contact with the Oradea Tech Hub’s Executive Director David Achim and Community Manager Naomi Pentie. Together, the team will start planning events this month, which will temporarily be only digital and in the future will again be held at the Oradea Fortress.

  • Der Co-Working Space des Oradea Tech Hub
    Coworking-Space @ Oradea Tech Hub

About the company 247GRAD Labs

247GRAD Labs GmbH is a software company based in Koblenz, Germany. Founded by Sascha Böhr and now with more than 60 employees, the company develops and distributes the content collaboration platform dirico.

About dirico

Corporate communications, marketing, corporate newsrooms and agencies – this is where the content collaboration platform dirico is used. The software-as-a-service solution helps companies to make planning, creation, publishing and analysis of all their communication activities easier, more transparent and more efficient.

About Oradea Tech Hub

Oradea Tech Hub is all about community. Based in the major Romanian city of Oradea, the non-profit organization aims to support people with a passion for technology and creative work, promote innovative startups, share know-how, collaborate and build strong relationships. Oradea Tech Hub has event spaces and a coworking space.

Contact 247GRAD Labs:

Philipp Scherber
Content Marketing Manager
247GRAD Labs GmbH
Tel. +49 261 134 941 93

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Philipp Scherber

Philipp Scherber

Im Marketing-Team von dirico ist er als Senior Content Manager u.a. verantwortlich für die Themen- und Redaktionsplanung, die Produktion unseres Magazins Corporate Newsroom und das Auffinden jeglicher Kommafehler in unseren Texten.