dirico ensures that you no longer have to resort to a multitude of small tools. But even our software has its limits. And so you may also use the solutions provided by other suppliers. If you wish to, we can integrate these tools seamlessly into dirico thanks to our open API. This way we ensure the maximum possible efficiency in the use of all your tools.

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We are open

Our software has an open architecture based on a RESTful WebApi. This allows the integration of tools from other suppliers. On request, we integrate your employee app, your intranet, a monitoring and social listing tool, a content management system or other special solutions.

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We make it happen

We maintain firm cooperations with other software providers – for example with the monitoring and social listening service Talkwalker. It integrates seamlessly into dirico – thanks to single-sign-on it is especially secure and requires no further programming. Our developers also allow you to integrate any other tool you use into our platform, as long as it meets the relevant technical requirements.

Contact us

Are you wondering whether the tools you use are included in our partner programme? Or whether your own development can be integrated into dirico? Does your IT department have questions about the technical background or data security? Then simply contact us.