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“Time is money.” This saying is particularly applicable to the agency business. As an agency or consulting firm working in marketing and PR, you constantly strive to make coordination and approval processes as lean and efficient as possible. This gives you more time to create campaigns and content that inspire your customers and their target groups.

In reality, however, it is precisely these agreements with the customer that make up the bulk of the work. Countless e-mails go back and forth, revised Word documents pile up in the project folder and it is not uncommon for comments and change requests to get lost.

Project management, campaign planning, task management, approval workflows, social media publishing, community management – with dirico you as an agency optimize all these processes. And achieve even better results for your customers.

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The content collaboration platform for agencies

Projects in agencies and consulting companies are teamwork. This is why dirico as a content collaboration platform is designed to make collaboration particularly efficient. How does this work in practice? See a selection of dirico’s collaborative features:

dirico Icon Ideenmanagement

Submission & discussion of ideas

dirico Icon Presse

Comprehensive briefing masks

dirico Icon Referenzen

Assignment of tasks

dirico Icon Dialog

Comments & approval workflows

dirico Icon Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management & Shared Library

dirico Icon Teams

Fine granular roles and rights concept

dirico Icon Consulting

Versioning & tracking of changes

dirico Icon Kalander

Selectable views: table, calendar, kanban, timeline

Topic planning and task management

When you receive a task from a customer to carry out a marketing or PR campaign, you can plan the topics completely in dirico. You create a topic and enter all the strategic information into the briefing mask: Goals, target groups, budget, responsibilities, etc.

Next, you create narrowly defined stories on this topic and can set very concrete measures such as various social media posts. Here all the team members can find the topic briefing again and supplement it with important information like deadlines and release dates. You also assign tasks to other team members and monitor the processing status in the kanban board.

Both you and your customers can access the editorial calendar and the timeline to see which content is to be published when and on which channels. This way there is always full transparency – and you save a lot of time and effort.

Manage your customers’ social media accounts

Not infrequently, you as an agency not only take over the content production, but also its’ publishing on your customers’ social media accounts. With dirico, you can do this from a single platform and no longer have to log in to different accounts.

Once the channels have been linked and verified with dirico, simply select the appropriate channel when creating content. Do you need customer feedback and approval before publication? No problem: Simply request it with a few clicks.

Your customer now has the opportunity to comment or edit the text. You can track the changes in the editor, accept them or restore an older version if necessary. Once final approval has been given, you can post the content to one or more social media accounts simultaneously. Alternatively, you can set a date for automatic publication.

Community Management

The Dialog module in dirico will be particularly impressive to you if you also take over community management for your customers. This is where all of the comments, mentions, ratings and direct messages arrive in a central inbox – from Facebook to LinkedIn to Google My Business.

Namics – dirico in use at a leading digital agency

In this case study, find out how the digital agency Namics was able to halve the time spent on coordination and approval processes with its customers. When asked about working with dirico, Jennifer Bonauer, Senior Social Media Manager and Consultant at Namics, says: “We especially appreciate the collaborative functions that support us in the planning, creation and publication of social media content in a sustainable and efficient way.”

View Case Study

Jennifer Bonauer
Senior Social Media Manager & Consultant
Namics – A Merkle Company

Jennifer Bonauer von Namics

Your customers’ data is safe

Agencies and consulting firms have access to their customers’ confidential information. As a result, dirico has taken numerous precautions for effective data protection and data security:

dirico Icon Sicherheit

Hosting in the European or German Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Two-Factor Authentication

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Roles and rights management

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Multi-client capability

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GDPR conformity

As an agency, you will particularly appreciate the opportunity to work in different teams that cannot see or influence each other – this way, client projects are neatly separated. Because dirico is multi-client capable. Furthermore, within a team, the access level for each individual team member and even for each piece of content can be defined via fine-grained rights and role management.

Simplify your day-to-day life as an agency!

With dirico, topic planning, management of your customers’ social media accounts, approval processes and much more become simple, transparent and efficient. See for yourself. Book an appointment for a web demo now and then start a free test phase.