Global companies & corporations

Companies and corporations operating all over the world face particular challenges in terms of marketing and corporate communications. To ensure consistent communication all over the world, the ability to centrally orchestrate teams and content is essential. Today this is only possible to a limited extent. Many companies lack a central platform that can provide such orchestration.

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The challenges

Global companies and corporations have to deal with the following issues:

  • Coordination & collaboration of teams at different locations
  • Multilingualism of the teams & communication measures
  • Content production for many different target groups & markets
  • Clear overview of all current & planned campaigns
  • Transparency in topic & editorial planning
  • Efficient resource management
  • Avoidance of double work
  • Evaluation of the measures by topics, channels & regions

The Corporate Newsroom in corporate communications

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Many global companies and corporations established a corporate newsroom to meet the challenges of marketing and corporate communications. As the central control unit, the newsroom stands primarily for:

  • A strategic approach
  • A theme-centred way of thinking
  • Clear responsibilities and roles

Traditionally, members of the newsroom benefit from short distances and direct exchange in an open-plan office. Nevertheless, a digital planning tool is also necessary for every newsroom.

For globally distributed teams it is even more important that all processes can be mapped virtually. An accumulation of monofunctional tools is not expedient. One platform for the entire content workflow is necessary.

One central content collaboration platform

With dirico we developed a content collaboration platform that meets the high demands of global companies and corporations. Gather all the members of your marketing and communication teams in one virtual location. Ensure that global communication is perfectly coordinated, important information and assets are shared and duplication of work is avoided.

From planning to analysis

In dirico you can plan all your communication activities – from press releases to LinkedIn articles to Pinterest pins. You can publish content on your social media profiles directly from dirico – or you can schedule it in advance for automatic publication. You determine self-defined view, channel, object, approval and publication rights and thus comply with all compliance and data protection guidelines. You analyze the performance of your channels and filter the analysis according to your needs.

Collaboration across departments and locations

dirico is designed for optimal collaboration in large teams for all of these tasks. See a selection of dirico’s collaborative features:

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Submission and discussion of ideas

dirico Icon Presse

Comprehensive briefing masks

dirico Icon Referenzen

Internal and external approval workflows

dirico Icon Dialog

Comment function

dirico Icon Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management & Shared Media Library

dirico Icon Teams

Fine granular roles and rights concept

dirico Icon Consulting

Content versioning

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Various selectable views: table, calendar, kanban, timeline

Orchestrate your communication. Worldwide. Transparent. Efficient.

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