Public relations work for NGOs and social institutions

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are particularly dependent on the press and public relations. Higher levels of public attention are more likely to help achieve the NGO’s goals. Social institutions are also dependent on PR – not simply to obtain financial support.

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Agenda setting thanks to strategic topic planning and target groups

An NGO can only exert maximum pressure on politicians if there is a broad social consensus on its declared goals. Generally speaking, the first step in this process is agenda-setting in order to generate attention and awareness for a specific topic. This can only be achieved with strategic topic planning upon which all PR and communication measures are based. Topics must be set up and appropriate content produced based on a topic plan.

Reaching target groups

Furthermore, it is important that it is clear which target group is to be reached with this specific content. For this purpose, goals and target groups must be precisely defined in advance and recommendations for action for content creation must be determined.

The dirico strategy division supports NGOs and social institutions in these exact tasks. Here you create a topic architecture, define goals, target groups, channels, formats, team responsibilities and much more. This information is then available in the briefing for the content production.

Publish content on all channels

After setting the strategic course and planning the topics, the next step is to plan the editorial work and publish content on various channels. dirico ends the time where businesses were overwhelmed by many different documents and lists with different editorial plans.

All your communication measures – from press releases to Instagram stories – can now be planned in one central platform. You can publish content on your social media profiles directly from dirico – or you can schedule it in advance for automatic publication. Thanks to a central editorial calendar, everyone knows which content is to be published when and on where.

Social discourse in the digital world: community management

An NGO usually deals with controversial topics on which a social discourse is conducted in analog and digital form. Social institutions fulfill important social functions and strive for a meaningful exchange with many different stakeholders. Community management is therefore an integral part of the public relations work of NGOs and social institutions.

However, constantly keeping an eye on all of your channels involves a great deal of effort. In dirico’s Dialog module, all comments, mentions and direct messages arrive in a central inbox. This allows you to react immediately to emerging discussions in the commentary columns of your social media channels. This makes community management much easier.

Better cooperation in public relations

Public relations is teamwork. This is why dirico is designed for optimal collaboration in all its modules. Some of the collaborative features of dirico are:

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Submission and discussion of ideas

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Comprehensive briefing masks

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Assignment of tasks

dirico Icon Dialog

Comment function

dirico Icon Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management & Shared Media Library

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Fine granular roles & rights concept

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Content versioning

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Various selectable views: table, calendar, kanban, timeline

Data protection and data security

Public relations work is also subject to strict guidelines for data protection and data security. It is essential that the software used in the press office and social media team complies with these regulations. As a result, dirico has taken numerous precautions for effective data protection and data security:

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Hosting on the European or German Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Two-Factor Authentication

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Roles and rights management

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Log files for administrators

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Multi-client capability & GDPR conformity

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