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The electronics retailer with hundreds of branches, the financial services provider with dozens of independent consulting offices in the region or the business association with members throughout Germany. They all have a problem in marketing and PR: each branch or location has its own Facebook and Instagram accounts and a location entry on Google. However, in the frequently small on site teams, there is no one who can fully concentrate on marketing and social media management. And so the branch manager or apprentice does it “on the side”. Due to this, professional results and effective campaigns are difficult to achieve.

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How to manage hundreds of accounts

Many retailers have a central marketing department that is also responsible for managing the marketing of all locations. This has many advantages:

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Support for the teams in the branches

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Resource savings thanks to centralized content production

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Unification of the content

At the same time, the chain store operator faces a problem: How does the marketing team at headquarters manage to maintain several hundred social media profiles, publish content and respond to comments and news from the community?

One platform for all subsidiaries

Imagine this situation: The central marketing team produced a video for the company’s YouTube channel. They also prepared Facebook and Instagram posts to post on the profiles of all 150 stores.

The social media manager creates these posts in dirico, creates crossposts for the desired platforms and selects all channels on which the posts are to appear. He then publishes them immediately or sets a date for automatic publication. This not only saves the social media team at headquarters a lot of time. Those responsible in the branch office no longer have to worry about social media marketing and can concentrate on their actual job: advising their customers.

And if a branch wants to actively publish content on its own social media channels, it can find all images, videos and other files in dirico’s Shared Library.

Efficient community management

The on-site team occupies the most important touchpoint of a chain store. But in addition to personal contact with customers in the branch, digital touchpoints are becoming increasingly important. The community expects comments or direct messages to be answered immediately. It is almost impossible for the branch team to guarantee this.

As such, centralization makes sense here too. On the other hand, the social media and community managers in the head office cannot afford to constantly switch between several hundred accounts in order to not overlook a comment. The solution is the central inbox in dirico’s Dialog module. This is where all comments, mentions, ratings and news come in. They can be answered or deleted directly from the platform.

“We are thrilled! dirico is the magic bullet for successful social media marketing in franchise systems. The reach of our network has increased significantly within one year. And we take each and every one of them with us: the tool covers all the different needs from automatic filling of individual channels to completely individual planning and self-creation”.

Eva Rieger
Lufthansa City Center

Eva Guha von Lufthansa

“Without dirico, we would not be able to centrally manage the social media activities for our 94 locations with such a small team. We can distribute our content in a targeted and automated way across all our channels. We also have control of the community management at all times and can react immediately to all news, comments and ratings”.

Philipp Hohn 
ROFU Kinderland

Philipp Hohn von ROFU Kinderland

Manage your accounts centrally – fast, easy & efficient.

MiWith dirico, your editorial planning, the administration of the social media accounts of all your branches, community management and much more becomes simple, transparent and efficient. See for yourself. Book an appointment for a web demo now and start a free trial afterwards.