Marketing & Public Relations for SME

Professionalize Marketing and PR

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), marketing and PR can be a real competitive advantage. This requires professionalization at all levels: strategy, planning, creation, distribution and analysis.

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A central platform for all communication measures

Once the marketing and corporate communications team in a small medium-sized company has reached a certain size, you need to be able to ensure efficient collaboration.

This is not possible with a multitude of small tools that are not compatible with each other or makeshift solutions like an Excel editorial plan. Instead, you need a professional software solution. A platform that combines all topics, marketing and communication measures, Digital Asset Management and task management in one central location.

By choosing dirico, you are opting for a content collaboration platform that takes the marketing and corporate communication of SMEs to the next level.

The advantages of dirico at a glance

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One inbox for all comments, direct messages and ratings

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Editorial plan in as table, calendar, timeline and kanban board

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Collaborative content creation including change tracking, versioning and approval workflows

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Central topic and campaign planning

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Automated publishing on your social media channels

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Analysis dashboards for all your social media channels

Integrate external service providers easily and securely

If you work with agencies and freelancers, you can also give them access to dirico. In order to guarantee data protection and data security, you can define exactly which information external service providers are allowed to access and which actions they are allowed to perform.

Professionalize your marketing!

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