Simply create great content

Content creation is no stand-alone service. From planning, writing texts and creating graphics and videos to the channel-specific preparation of social media posts – usually several people are involved in these steps.

A central platform helps to make collaboration between these people as easy and efficient as possible.

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One central content collaboration platform

It’ s time to end the era of detours. Of Word-prescribed Facebook posts that have to be sent to a colleague by e-mail because you need their approval. Of copying and pasting the new “version” of the post in the Facebook editor.

  • Create all content centrally within dirico
  • Assign blog articles, tweets, Pinterest pins, YouTube videos and many other formats to a topic and a parent theme with just a few clicks
  • When creating content, follow the strategic briefing of the topic planner
  • Write comments and request approvals
  • Track all revisions in a versioning window

What you see is what you get

To ensure that all those involved have a clear picture of what a content will look like after it is published, dirico integrates various WYSIWYG editors. These not only provide a preview of the social media article, but also allow you to make many other settings:

  • Production deadline
  • Date for automated publication
  • Status
  • Divergent titles and teasers
  • Targeting and target groups

Photo Editor

In order to make the channel-specific preparation as easy as possible, we provide a photo editor. With this, different versions of an asset can be created instantly. The perfect formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are already preset. Crop the image to the perfect dimensions with just one click. You can also easily add filters, stickers or text.

Access to all assets at all times

No more endless searching for photos, graphics or videos. dirico includes a full-fledged digital asset management. There you will find all assets you need for content creation in a fully configurable folder structure. Keywords, meta data and references make collaboration much easier and avoid many ambiguities in advance.

All features of dirico

Test dirico

Apply for your free trial license now. You can test the functions of dirico for 14 days and convince yourself why our content collaboration platform should be used in your company.