The virtual Corporate Newsroom

A corporate newsroom ensures structured and efficient work as well as strategic and topic-oriented communication. It is the state-of-the-art organizational platform for corporate communications and marketing. A key feature of the newsroom is a way of thinking that focuses on topics and content rather than distribution channels.

dirico Icon Corporate Newsroom

Efficient structures & strategic editorial planning


The Newsroom model, originally developed for journalistic editorial offices and then modified for corporate communications, provides for a separation of topics and channels. This is reflected in the structure and the existing roles. Some roles you will always find in a Corporate Newsroom:

  • Topic managers: maintain close contact with the company’s specialist departments, research content and produce content
  • Media managers: responsible for the development of digital and analog corporate channels, as well as the preparation and publication of content
  • Head of Service: coordinates the work of the topic and media managers, manages the editorial plan, chairs the editorial conferences and issues releases
  • Strategy team: defines the strategic guidelines for the work of the newsroom

No digital collaboration, no Newsroom


The design of the Newsroom varies from company to company. In some cases, only external communications or the press department is represented there. Other companies combine internal and external communications, marketing and HR in the Newsroom.

Often all employees of a Newsroom sit in an open-plan office. However, this is not always possible. In addition, the number of employees in remote and home offices has risen sharply, further accelerated by the corona crisis. As such, an elementary component of any Newsroom is professional software for planning, creating, publishing and analyzing communication activities with integrated functions for efficient collaboration. And that is exactly what dirico does.

Daniel Schnettler von der RV-Versicherung

The R+V Newsroom: dirico in action

Daniel Schnettler, Head of Service in the newsroom of R+V Versicherung states, “What isn’t documented in the editorial calendar in dirico is not played out”. Both in the daily morning round as well as in weekly topic conferences, the Newsroom gathers around a large screen on which the editorial planning is visualized with the help of dirico.

The software ensures transparency and commitment – even across departmental boundaries. The marketing department of R+V is still independent. However, it has access to dirico and thus an overview of all planned communication measures and topics at any time. This prevents isolation of the two areas – corporate communications and marketing.

dirico as Newsroom platform for the Association of Private Health Insurers (PKV)

dirico is also used as the central Newsroom platform in the Association of Private Health Insurance. Read our case study to find out how the PKV association transformed into a modern Corporate Newsroom and how dirico helped with their transformation.

Corporate Newsroom beim PKV Team
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Dominik Heck

“With dirico we convert our strategic topic planning into efficient editorial processes. The platform creates transparency and facilitates teamwork. This enables us to maintain oversight at all times and communicate across topics and channels with one voice.”

Dominik Heck
Leader Newsroom at the PKV association

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