Social Media Management

Complexity and diversity are constantly increasing

Social media management is becoming increasingly complex. Companies must be active on all relevant social networks in order maximize their reach to their target groups. For social media managers this means that they have to manage an ever increasing amount of channels, which can quickly become overwhelming.

More specifically, this means that content must be created, scheduled and published for more and more platforms. And adapted to the specifics of the respective platform. At the same time, the number of touchpoints to the community increases. Every day, countless comments, direct messages and evaluations arrive via many different channels – and end up in separate inboxes.

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All channels in one dashboard

dirico gives social media managers a single platform to handle all channels. Link your company accounts and see in a clear and intuitive dashboard what is happening on the social networks at any time.

All of your planned posts can be found in the editorial calendar. At the same time, it is possible to filter according to formats, topics or channels, so you can quickly and easily find exactly what you need.

Integrated Community Management

The daily routine of a community manager often looks like this: dozens of tabs full of company channels that are always open and continuously have to be checked. – excluding the respective mobile apps. Push notifications inform you about incoming comments, direct messages or Google ratings. The constant back and forth between individual platforms takes time and is confusing and challenging to manage. In dirico’s Dialog module, all your messages come together as tickets in the same place. Dozens of tabs become a single user interface. Comments will not be overlooked anymore. Many helpful functions are available for efficient ticket processing:

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Like & comment

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Create answer templates

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Forward or assign tickets

Find out more about the functions of the Dialog module here:

Learn more about the Dialog modul

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