Topic & Editorial Planning

It isn’t possible to work effectively without topic and editorial planning. No Corporate Newsroom, press office, communications department or marketing team can work efficiently without them. And the produced content not have the desired effect on the target groups.

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Topic Planning

No plan? No successful content!

The art of successful editorial planning is to ensure that all planned communication measures contribute to the company’s goals. It is not about equipping an editorial calendar with as much content as possible. It’s about publishing the right content at right time on the right channels.

For this it is important to understand all “life phases” of content as a unit. We call this a content cycle. Content passes the phases of planning, creation, distribution and analysis. The analysis is at the beginning of a new cycle, as it influences the planning of further measures.

Where’s the problem?

Due to many factors, this content cycle is repeatedly interrupted or disrupted. This is because many different tools are used for the individual steps that are required for a final content. These tools are extremely helpful for their particular field of application. But as soon as the next step is due or more people are involved, the problems begin: media disruptions, transmission errors, lack of transparency and clarity.

The solution: one central platform for topic and editorial planning

With dirico we have created a platform that maps the entire content cycle. But what exactly makes dirico the ideal platform for topic and editorial planning?

  • Easily identify topics thanks to monitoring, RSS feed and idea memory
  • Create your topic architecture
  • View all topic & topic categories of the year on a timeline
  • Conduct editorial conferences with the monthly, weekly and daily view of the editorial calendar
  • Manage tasks in the kanban board
  • Access all files through Digital Asset Management
  • Collaboratively create, plan and publish content across multiple channels
  • Measure the success of your measures

Learn how dirico helps Topic Managers to ensure efficiency in their daily business:

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Learn how companies use dirico as a central platform for editorial planning:

Energetic communication

Thanks to dirico, the energy service provider enviaM has had great success in combining marketing, corporate communication and customer service.

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One Plattform for the Newsroom

dirico is the central Newsroom platform used by the PKV association.

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Dominik Heck

„With dirico we have converted our strategic topic planning into efficient editorial processes. The platform creates transparency and facilitates teamwork. This enables us to maintain oversight at all times and communicate across topics and channels with one voice“

Dominik Heck, Leader Newsroom at the PKV association

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