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Corporate communication is more than just sending out press releases, answering journalists’ questions and holding press conferences. Today, however, public relations increasingly take place on digital channels. Not only are there a multitude of these, they all have their own specific requirements to ensure that the communicated content reaches the stakeholders.

For you as a communications manager, the challenge is to put your strategies into practice while constantly keeping an eye on goals, target groups, messages and resources. With 15 different editorial plans for different topics, channels or teams and just as many small, incompatible tools, this is impossible.

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Putting your communication strategy into practice

As Head of Corporate Communications or Newsroom Leader, you must ensure that all actions taken contribute to the objectives defined in the communication strategy. In dirico we have developed an extensive strategy area for this reason. Here you define topics, objectives and target groups.

Of course, strategic decisions should not remain theory, but be applied daily by all those involved. Therefore, the detailed view of all topics, content, events and assets in dirico has a strategy area. In this area you can simply select topic categories, target groups and objectives from a drop-down menu. You can also write a detailed briefing in the editor and tag all participants.

Topic and editorial planning

A company has many stories to tell. It is up to you to prioritize and plan topics and communication measures. This content is rarely produced for a single channel. The trick is to orchestrate the individual measures in the best possible way and to share information with the whole team about what is to be published when, and which messages are to be shared on which channels.

With dirico you always have an overview of all planned, ongoing and completed topics and communication measures. It is the central platform for your topic and editorial planning. And dirico adapts to your needs: Do you want to see all of your content on a specific topic in a compact list? Do you have to present a calendar view of the coming month in the editorial conference? Or would you like to get an overview of all this year’s topics on a timeline? Simply select the appropriate view.

Your central platform for corporate communications

Thanks to its holistic approach dirico completely resolves media interruptions. Because the planning, creation, distribution and analysis of all your communication measures are united in one place. You no longer have to resort to using many different tools and sources which inherently leads to duplication, lack of transparency and compatibility.

Keep an eye on all key figures

The Analytics module shows you the performance of all communication measures and social media channels. This allows you to make effective adjustments and provides you with a meaningful basis for reporting.

Thanks to a variety of filter options, you can see, for example, which topic had the most published content, whether the Facebook video or the LinkedIn article generated more involvement or what time most comments and messages arrive – you can also see who interacts with your content most often.

dirico in action

In the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV Association), dirico is used as the central Newsroom platform. Read our case study to find out how the PKV Association transformed into a modern Corporate Newsroom and how dirico helped them with this transformation.

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Our case study with the energy service provider enviaM shows how dirico ensures the efficient and transparent cooperation of corporate communication, marketing and customer service.

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