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At the pulse of your community

The number of touchpoints through which customers (and other stakeholders) contact a company is constantly growing. At the same time, expectations regarding the shortest possible reaction time are increasing. Community managers are thus faced with the challenge of keeping an eye on each and every channel, not overlooking any message and reacting to it immediately.

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One platform. All channels.

Imagine that you only need one single dashboard for community management instead of constantly jumping from tab to tab and platform to platform. In dirico’s Dialog module, comments, ratings and messages arrive in a central inbox. From all these platforms:

Connect these platforms with the dialog module.

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Ticket processing made easy

As soon as a ticket arrives, you will have numerous options at your disposal:

  • Classify the content according to its mood (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Display the comment, original content or sender’s profile
  • Forward the ticket or assign it to another team member
  • Leave a Like
  • Reply to the comment or message
  • Take advantage of self-created answer templates
  • Delete comments (if allowed by the individual platform)
  • Mark the ticket as done or set a reminder

Create additional mailboxes according to your needs or filter the tickets according to various parameters. This brings even more structure and efficiency to your community management.

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What do others talk about?

Community management is much more than answering comments and direct messages. In order to be noticed on social media, it is extremely important to actively seek dialog with other people, companies and groups. But as a Community Manager, how do you find out when others talk about your company’s topics?

You can subscribe to RSS feeds in dirico’s Inspiration module. Like this you always have an overview of the latest media reports and blog articles. If a post is relevant to you, you can create content for it with one click – for example, a tweet with a link to your blog and a short comment.

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Monitoring & Social Listening

Web monitoring and social listening is another option at your disposal. Various special solutions can be seamlessly integrated into dirico. This way you always have your finger on the pulse of your community and can react to all important contents from corporate blog to facebook post.

„We have community management under control at all times and can react immediately to all news, comments and ratings“

Philipp Hohn
Social Media Manager
ROFU Kinderland

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Philipp Hohn von ROFU Kinderland

„Community management is now much easier to handle – especially during on-call duty in the evening and on the weekend“

Josephine Sönnichsen & Claudia Anke
Social Media

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Josephine Soennichsen und Claudia Anke von der enviaM Gruppe

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