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We are convinced that in modern corporate communications and content marketing, a topic and not a channel should always be the starting point for editorial planning. This conviction is reflected in the structure of dirico. As a Topic Manager in dirico you can create a topic architecture, pre-structure all of your topics on a timeline and display individual communication measures in the monthly, weekly and daily view of the editorial calendar.

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Topic Planning

The basic framework: Topic architecture

Our recommendation for Topic Managers is: Create a topic architecture. It helps you to strategically approach all the measures in corporate communications or content marketing and to sharpen your focus on the really important issues.

In dirico’s strategy area you can create such a topic architecture. It is structured on several levels: from superordinate meta-topics to more narrowly defined topics and very concrete sub-topics. An example: You create a meta-topic called “Company”, within this category you have the topic “Jobs”, which in turn is divided into the sub-topics “Administration”, “IT”, “Sales”, “Marketing” and so on.

The timetable: Topic planning

The topic architecture forms the basic framework for your topic planning. Let’s stick with our prior example: After consulting with your HR department, you have decided that a topic will be played out in the autumn with which you would like to attract new employees for different departments. You begin your topic planning in dirico and tag it with the meta-topic “Company” and the topic “Jobs”.

You plan to create content that will appeal to different target groups. For example, sales staff or administrative specialists. You assign these contents to the sub-topics “Sales” or “Administration”.

Daily business: Editorial planning

Once the topic plan is in place, the content production begins. Thanks to keywording, you can filter by individual topics in the editorial plan. In the briefing area of the individual content you set deadlines, target groups and goals and create tasks which you assign to the appropriate person (text, graphics, editing, channel managers for social media, etc.). This way everyone knows what they have to do and you can maintain constant oversight of the progress of the topics.

Einblick in dirico: Verschiedene Ansichten der Timeline

Always the right view

Depending on your needs, you need different views in your planning – from a very condensed and clear year view to a very detailed day view. In dirico you can easily switch between different views: the table, the calendar, the timeline and the kanban board. Within these views you can change the level of detail or filter according to certain criteria. This way you always see exactly what you need to know depending on your current situation.

Collect ideas

By the way, you don’t have to bring out the big guns for every topic. A preliminary stage of the topic planner, the idea collector, is also suitable for mere brainstorming. It is sufficient to start by collecting keywords here. You can create a topic or content from any idea directly in dirico. This way no idea gets lost.

Our case study with the energy service provider enviaM shows how, thanks to dirico, corporate communications and marketing have established a joint topic planning process – and were even able to integrate external customer service.

Josephine Sönnichsen & Claudia Anke
Social Media

Josephine Soennichsen und Claudia Anke von der enviaM Gruppe

When asked about working with dirico, Dominik Heck, head of the newsroom in the Association of Private Health Insurance, stated:

“With dirico we convert our strategic topic planning into efficient editorial processes. The platform creates transparency and facilitates teamwork. This enables us to maintain oversight at all times and communicate across topics and channels with one voice”.

Dominik Heck
Leader Newsroom at the PKV association

Dominik Heck

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